20kg Olympic Barbell (700lbs Rating)

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20kg Olympic Barbell (700lbs Rating)

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When you train for strength and power, a basic barbell is essential. Randy & Travis Machinery’s 20-kilogramme Olympic barbell has a 700-pound rating and is one of the finest all-around barbells on today’s market. Built to fine weight tolerances, this sturdy barbell is perfect for both gym and home use.

A top-quality barbell at a low price, this strength training aid features precisely machined end sleeves that fit with Olympic plates, with minimal tolerance. The barbell achieves a smooth spin rate from its brass bushings coupled with inner end bearings. Internal circlips lock the barbell’s end bearings and end sleeves firmly in place to prevent any lateral movement.


Rating: 700 lbs (factory testing only)

Weight: 20 kg

Dimensions: 2,200 mm long x Ø30 mm shaft

Shaft length: 1,340 mm between the end sleeves’ internal flanges

End sleeves (fit Olympic plates): Ø50 mm x 395 mm long-plate loading capacity

Ring mark spacing: 910 mm, standard for Olympic weightlifting

Knurling: Moderate knurling applied, including the centre knurling

Finish: Chrome coating for a maintenance-free finish

Packaging: 2,240 mm x Ø80 mm round cardboard tube

Note: Includes one part of spring collars

Note: This barbell is not meant for dropping. Use it only as directed.

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1 x 20kg Olympic Barbell (700lbs Rating)