70Mai Dash Cam A400 (G)

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70Mai Dash Cam A400 (G)

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  • QHD 1440P: A400 records in QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440, capturing every important details in high resolution

  • 145° wide-angle FOV: Covers at least three lanes of traffic with 145° wide-angle lens

  • 2-inch IPS: View footage in real-time with good viewing angle.

  • Dual-channel mode: Record front and rear* at the same time, easily switch front/rear view with a press of button.

  • Enhanced Night Vision & WDR: F2.0 large aperture enhance night vision while WDR technology effectively balance image quality, preventing under or over exposure

  • In-car Guardian for 24/7 Protection: Parking Mode* is automatically activated, detect any hit-and-run collision & immediately begin recording.

  • Loop Recording & Evidence Protection: loop and stores it locally on a Micro SD memory card, safely secured from overwriting

  • In-app Access & Instant Share through Wi-Fi in real time

  • Easy installation: Simply attach to windscreen and connect to power via car cigarette port

70mai Dash Cam A400

Engineered for Safety, Designed for Style

Dash Cam Design, Reimagined

3.6-megapixel camera.
Stunning images day and night

1440P Quad HD + 145° Field of View

The A400 records in QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440, delivering above par clarity and color-accurateness. 145° wide-angle FOV covers at least three lanes of traffic, capturing more events in each frame.

Dual-Channel Recording

A400 can achieve dual-channel** recording, providing all-around coverage for added security.

Front Camera

Rear Camera

Double Camera,
Double Protection

Record the front & back simultaneously! Like a second pair of eyes for your vehicle.

24-Hour Parking Surveillance

Keep monitoring when you are away*. The built-in G-sensor can detect sudden shakes or collisions while your car is off, and will automatically start recording to capture any potential incidents. If an emergency video is recorded, you'll get a voice alert once the car powers back on.

*The 70mai hardwire kit is required for parking surveillance mode, and is sold separately

Enhanced Night Vision

With WDR* technology, the A400 automatically adjusts exposure balance when recording in low-light or high-contrast environments. F2.0 large aperture pulls in more light to brighten up dark scenes.

*Wide Dynamic Range

Low Light,
High Clarity

Driving at night, under cloudy weather, in the tunnel…always get clear images with maximized details.

App Control

With built-in WiFi, the A400 connects to the 70mai App, so you can easily watch real-time footage, take pictures, and download files to your phone!

Loop Recording

No more worrying about "memory card full"! New recordings will automatically overwrite older footage when your storage reaches its limit.