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Last Updated on 31 Dec 2021

Gift Guide for Coffee Lover

For some people, coffee is just an energy booster to wake them up early in the morning, but for others, coffee can be a passion, a hobby - it’s a whole lifestyle altogether. Shopping for a coffee enthusiast is one of the most interesting and eye-opening experiences as there is a wide range of apparatus and appliances involved to brew the perfect cup of coffee. If you have a coffee enthusiast as a friend, here are some gifts that he or she would enjoy very much.

Odoo • Image and Text

Porlex Grinder Mini II

This Porlex Mini II is the portable variant of the Porlex series, it is quite popular for the frequent traveller.

Moreover, it's sharp ceramic burrs can grind beans faster and more evenly with little effort, resulting in a cleaner and consistent brew.

Hario V60 Buono Large Kettle

Not only does this kettle look fantastic, it also pours like no other kettle in the world and is held in high regard by coffee experts worldwide. With its gooseneck spout, connected to the lowest point of the kettle body, ultimate precision and control can be achieved for a perfect brew.

Plus, its ergonomic handle provides comfort when pouring in a circular motion. Indeed, your coffee lover friend deserves the best of the best.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Boston Bean BodyBrew Bod Cold Brew Coffee Maker

We took the liberty of asking our coffee enthusiast colleague, Wendy, to recommend a gift and she immediately pointed out this Boston Bean Cold Brew Maker. Why? Because, of all types of coffee, cold brew has the highest health benefits. It has less acidic content compared to hot-brewed coffee so you’re less likely to have issues with acid reflux, heartburn or other gastrointestinal conditions. Moreover, cold brews are known to improve cholesterol intake with its antioxidants and nutrients.

With the Boston Bean Cold Brew Maker, you can bet your coffee lover friend will be delighted with its innovative design that simplifies the process of making cold brew.

Written by Johana Choi