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a combination of everything from A-Z and Australia (AU)

Your go-to Australian store for everything you need.

Buying something online happens more than a million times a day. Statistics show that in 2021 over 9.2 million people purchased online due to the pandemic - gone are the days of arranging time to go to department stores and having to carry your heavy purchases all the way home. It seems unreal - seeing how all the stores are at your fingertips and how fast your item arrives with just a quick tap of a button.

It is an experience…

And we are committed to making sure you have that seamless experience - from providing you with affordable, high-quality products, to ensuring that we fulfill your excitement when you unbox your parcel.

Founded in 2015 in Adelaide, South Australia, a group of passionate people formed AZAU in hopes that everyone can live their dream life. Our products are tailored for you and designed for timeless durability.

Today, AZAU is one of the leading stores across multiple popular marketplaces in Australia. Just like our brand, we offer a wide selection of products ranging from tech gadgets, fitness, household furniture and pets care products with the most competitive prices. AZAU strives to bring you access to products that would make a positive impact in your life.


To enhance quality of life and integrate sustainable living in our lives


Making timeless and durable products more accessible and affordable to consumers.

Bring joy to our consumers’ life through our products


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