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Last Updated on 31 Dec 2021

Gift Guide for Fitness Freaks

Whether your friend or family is a weight lifter, cardio devotee or a yoga fanatic, we believe that there is a perfect fitness equipment addition out there to take their sweat sessions to the next level. If they’re the type to work out at home rather than drive all the way to the gym, we are pretty sure they would enjoy the gift list that we’ve curated below.

Odoo • Image and Text

Adjustable Dumbbell 24kg + Xiaomi Smart Watch Band 4C 

First up, we have the Verpeak Adjustable Dumbbell especially for your ripped and buff friends who are in bulking season.

Why purchase multiple dumbbells with different weights when you can have them all in one? You’re not only giving them a dumbbell, you’re giving them motivation as they progress towards their fitness goals. Plus, they are space-saving too! 

Yesoul S3 Indoor Cycling Bike

Terry, the “Fitness Freak” of the AZAU team, recommended this Indoor Cycling bike for anyone with a busy but active lifestyle! He bragged about how he is able to attend meetings while burning calories as it comes with a tablet holder.

In addition, the Yesoul S3 Indoor Cycling Bike also helps him track his fitness journey as every workout is recorded in the Yesoul app. (We’ve got a good demonstration of this while he flexed his achievement to us *ahem*) We quote in his exact words, “This is unlike any bikes I’ve bought, 10 out of 10 highly recommended.”

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Kingsmith R1 Pro Treadmill Walking Pad

If your giftee is someone slightly older that prefers light workouts instead of intense ones, the Kingsmith Walking Pad would be a great gift. Not only is it foldable for easy storage, but it is also durable and sturdy to even sustain vigorous running.

Moreover, it supports three types of control methods: foot control, remote control and app control which is very convenient and safe for the elderly. 

Written by Johana Choi