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Last Updated on 31 Dec 2021

Gift Guide For Your BFF

Throughout highs and lows, your BFF has always been there for you. For that very reason, we believe that he/she is deserving of a spectacular present. Though finding a present worthy of one of your most important persons in your life may seem impossible, we have a solution for you: get him or her a LOT of things!

We've put up a selection of fantastic gifts for you to consider!

Odoo • Image and Text

Reversible Plushie - Octopus

This adorably reversible octopus plushie is the ideal gift for a plushie-obsessed bestie! Not only has it been trending on social media for a long time, but this octopus will also be the rock of support when you are physically unable to comfort right by their side.

Did we mention it comes in a variety of colours so you can find the perfect match for them?

Studio Milligram Sensory Scented Volcanic Rock

You know they’ll buy just about everything else in the world before they invest in good scented volcanic rocks.

For that very reason, give her this Studio Milligram Sensory Scented Volcanic Rock Set that is inspired by the fire under Australian night skies. Allow the intoxicating scents of Australia's wildest regions to slowly unfurl in their private space. There are other scents available too. 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Hidrate Spark Steel 21oz Chug Stainless Steel

More than just a basic water bottle, this Hidrate spark bottle is literally the future in your hands. The LED smart sensor puck glows to remind him or her when it’s time to drink and tracks their water intake by syncing via Bluetooth to the FREE HidrateSpark app on their phones.

As our health-conscious AZAU staff, Tammy says, “It’s not just a bottle, you’re giving them the gift of health”. Available in other colours too!

Written by Johana Choi