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Last Updated on 18 Jan 2022

Top 5 Must-Haves For Your Kid When School Starts

The school holidays are coming to an end. It’s the time of that year again for parents to start hunting for the best Back To School bargains and necessities for their kids. Here are AZAU’s top 5 must-haves for students when school starts.

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1. Ekkio Adjustable Stand Desk

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Setting up an ergonomic workspace would be ideal for your kid as they reach middle school. It will give them a focus space with proper setting when the school assignments and homework comes pouring in. One of the fundamentals of setting up an ergonomic workspace is to get a proper desk, preferably one that can be adjusted into a standing desk as sitting for prolonged hours is proven to be unhealthy for your blood circulation and posture. With Ekkio Adjustable Stand Desk, you can rest assured that your kid will have the ideal surface to study comfortably, without foregoing his or her well-being. 


2. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 

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Did you know? According to a study by the Stanford University School of Medicine in 2007, it is discovered that music - classical music, specifically - enhances your brain’s ability to absorb and digest new information. This makes a good pair of earphones an absolute essential for students! They are a great way to help students get into the “zone” and attain deep focus as they dive into their revisions and school assignments. Moreover, assignments these days are more team-oriented which involves a lot of discussions. The noise-cancellation feature in the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 ensures your kid will be able to engage smoothly in the online discussion without any distraction from their surroundings. 

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Odoo • Image and Text

3. Ducati Pro 1 Evo Electric Scooter

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A little exercise in the morning helps your kid to kickstart the day with an active mind. Instead of taking the car or bus to school, why not let them cruise on the Ducati Pro 1 Evo Electric Scooter? This super sturdy and sleek ride is eco-friendly and equipped with a robust 350W brushless motor - which is just enough power to take your kid up the hills with a slight effort on their part. Fret not, it also comes with safety features and dual brakes. A wholesome ride indeed, don’t you agree? 

4. Frank Green 16Oz Stainless Steel Ceramic Reusable Cup

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Water - the essential we need in life but always forgets until we are parched like the desert. More so for our little chatterboxes when they finally meet and catch up with their buddies after the long school holidays. That’s how the Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Cup keeps parents at ease! With its playful, eye-catching colours, they are sure to steal the attention of your kid and their buddies from time to time, giving them a friendly reminder to take a sip! Fill it with hot cocoa and your kid will have a warm, cozy drink that will last throughout the day. Toss in some mini marshmallows and they will have a little something to forward to at school!

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Odoo • Image and Text

5. Razer DeathAdder V2 Mouse

Sourced from: Razer 

An unresponsive mouse is a frustrating mouse. Be it for work or school, we all want our mouse to react quickly so we too can finish our task or school assignments quickly. The Razer DeathAdder, featuring the Focus+ Optical Sensor, has won the hearts of many with its lightning and premise response. Its ergonomic shape and lightweight design helps your kid glide through their homework and school assignments effortlessly, boosting their productivity. It’s simply a great addition for students

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Written by Michael Lee