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Back To School 2023

Back To School Supplies

Beat the back to school shopping rush and anxiety of having to go to heaps of different stores just to get your kids ready for school. AZAU has all your back to school supplies in stock! From their lunch needs, to tech, to making sure they’re properly stimulated and rested - we’ve got it covered, trust us!

With all the stress of the school year starting, we’ve also got some treats for all you parents out there. We’re talking day to night - coffee and tea needs, wine accessories, cocktail sets…anything and everything for relaxing after a long day (that is, after you put your kids to sleep).

Packed Lunch/Drinks

Browse our amazing range of food and drink prep products! You name the compartments, we’ve got it. Whether it’s 2 compartments or 4, Bentgo’s Fresh Leakproof Bentgo Lunch Boxes come in different colours and patterns so that your kids will be excited to bring their lunch to school and eat it! Bentgo also makes lunch boxes for adults. These come with airtight lids, removable dividers and a 5-cup storage space. Alternatively, you can buy matching lunch boxes for your whole family - go ahead, we won’t judge.

We also know hydration is important, for both kids and adults. That’s why we have a big range of water bottles at AZAU! With straw, without straw, screw-on lids, pop-on or pop-off lids, keep it cool or just room temperature…take your pick depending on your preference from brands like Ion8 and Frank Green.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Tell me about an Australian school that doesn’t use devices for learning. I’ll wait! Gone are the days of chalkboards and paper presentations, it’s all about smart learning now. From BYOD, affordable student tech, and refurbished Apple products to keyboards, mouse, Xiaomi smart bands, watches, and thermal label printers…we’ve got it all! Start your (smart) new school year with your best technological foot forward!

Sleep + Fidget

While school is important, making sure your kids are stimulated is also important. Pressit is perfect for your little ones’ fidgety hands. It seems counter-intuitive, but it allows their brains to filter out the extra sensory information, which helps them to be more attentive to tasks like listening and learning! For the older ones, help cultivate their creativity with our drawing tablets from Wacom, which goes well with our range of tech products too!

Complete their stimulated day with a good night’s rest! We have super cute and aesthetic night lamps that will encourage any child to enter their bedroom. Gominimo’s sunset projection lamp will give you that perfect golden hour glow, while MUID’s night lamps are the absolute cutest and will provide a calming environment to induce sleep. Want a motion-activated one? Xiaomi and Simplecom have plenty for you to choose from so you and your loved ones can wake up rested and refreshed.

Parents Pampering

Oh, you thought we only sold safe-for-school products? Nah, mate. For all you parents out there, we know how stressful it is to deal with prepping your kids for school. We’ve got your backs. Need something to keep your coffee hot to drink it peacefully at work? Check out brands like Sttoke and Fellow for our range of coffee tumblers. A tea drinker or just environmentally conscious? These will suit your needs too.

Don’t tell the kids…but after they go to bed, break out these wine accessories and cocktail sets for some much needed de-stressing! Parents are humans too, and you very much deserve that drink. Our favourite is Vacu Vin…have a look, you can thank us later.